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What is the ChatGPT Assistant App template?

ChatGPT Assistant App Starter is a boiler-plated cloud project with native iOS, Android and Progressive Web Applications powered by ChatGPT. You can tune it in a Visual App Builder as a no-coder or connect your GitHub to work with pure Swift, Kotlin, and JavaScript source code.

Why ChatGPT Assistant App?

Use this template to create your own business or personal assistant with unique skills tailored towards your specific needs.

Are there any lock-ins I should know about?

There are no lock-ins on CodePlatform services. Download your source code and request the cloud project ownership transfer to really own your data.

What is included in the ChatGPT Assistant App Template?

Onboarding, advanced and secured Authentication Flow, soft Permission Requests, Push Notifications management, Paywall, User Profile, Terms & Policies, Support Form and Assistant Screen.

How does it work?

Click ‘Clone and start building’, name your project, and get all the ready infrastructure and code base. CodePlatfrom will generate and deploy mobile & web applications, their backend, and the app landing page that will be necessary to upload to the App Store later. You can link the project to your GitHub and get all DevOps ready. Then you can go one of two ways: edit the source code as a developer by committing changes to GitHub or use a Visual App Builder.

The project backend is a serverless application that scales automatically. No heavy bills or performance issues - you pay as you go.

Customization and integrations

You can customize the app visually. There is no need to open an Xcode or Android Studio to preview the changes. Visual App Studio lets you adjust colors and app branding, change onboarding slides, set up the authentication providers and more - all in one place.

Extend the backend with a new API endpoint or a webhook visually, or by updating the source code. Ask our experts if you need a unique custom feature development or integration. We would be happy to help with your next project as well as step-by-step legacy app migration.


The publishing process requires a lot of hidden jobs to be done. The amount of work doubles if you use both App Store and Google Play. You can use Store Manager to simplify it.

  • Onboarding
  • Advanced and secured Authentication Flow
  • Soft Permission Requests
  • Push Notifications management
  • Paywall
  • User Profile
  • Terms & Policies
  • Support Form
  • Assistant Screen

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