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Generate and deploy serverless app backend in a click. Pay as you go

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Backend for your project out of the box.

Security comes first. Best practices used for authentication, encryption, end-to-end communication, sensitive data storing, API protection, error tracking and performance monitoring.

Don't worry about scalability. It's serverless.

We use serverless architecture and modern Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions that scale automatically. No maintenance expenses. Pay as you go.

Own the source code and infrastructure.

We run isolated Google Cloud projects and are able transfer them to your account when you are ready. No lock-ins on our services.

Custom integrations made simple.

Extend the backend with a new API endpoint or a webhook visually, or by updating the source code. Ask our experts if you need a unique custom feature development or integration. We would be happy to help with your next project as well as step-by-step legacy app migration.

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