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FAQ / Data Room

  • Pitch Deck

    Feel free to contact us to get our pitch deck presentation, or you can find the information you need on this page below.

  • Where are you located?

    Lisbon, Portugal.

  • What is your stage?

    BETA. We have been architecting and developing this complex project for 12 months and are currently working on the pilots with the first clients.

  • Have you already participated or committed to participate in an incubator, "accelerator" or "pre-accelerator" programs?

    Yes, we are in Startup Lisboa, which is one of the most prestigious incubators in Portugal. We have participated in Startup Lisboa Rocket Program and Launch in Lisbon programs.

  • Are you looking for investments?

    Yes. We have been self-funded for the last 12 months. It’s time to grow.

  • Why did you create this project?

    We were running a good software agency and have found out that more than 80% of requests about mobile application development are identical and can be automated using specific app starters. The other 10% can be automated by AI/ML-based features that convert the design into a source code. We learned that web development tooling had been ahead of mobile development tooling for several (I would say 5) years. Today a regular mobile apps developer spends months on initial development on integrating their boilerplate code manually whenever they start a project, while a modern web developer achieves this in several clicks (or uses CLI) with tools like Gatsby and Vercel. We are trying to fix it and provide mobile developers with the necessary tools. And we architected our platform to work with a low-code/no-code Visual App builder with no lock-ins on a programming language (it could be extended by adding a code generator for a specific language)

  • Why Swift and Kotlin native code?

    Because it is the most advanced way to develop mobile apps with no lock-ins on cross-platform frameworks. There are great competitors on the market that provide cross-platform solutions on React Native / Flutter. But there is a lack of iOS Swift and Android Kotlin ones. It’s happening not because there is no market need - rather because it is much more difficult to implement and support. You can check out our blog post detailing that.

  • Who is your customer?

    iOS and Android developers, Software Agencies, and Businesses which would like to accelerate software application development and save months of development as well as thousands of dollars with app templates and modern SaaS/PaaS tools. No-code developers who can adjust app templates for their needs. We are able to provide all of them with custom development and support if they need a unique pixel-perfect design, custom feature development or integration.

  • Team

    We are a team of top-level engineers with 10+ years of experience in software architecture and mobile application development. The team is cohesive, and we’ve worked on a variety of complex projects together for years. We have a good pool of talents to work with. And we have been running software agencies for ten years and know everything that’s going on behind the scenes.

  • Sales & Marketing

    It’s not something new for us. We have experience organizing sales & marketing processes. We have already started our first sales & marketing activities.

  • Market Size

    The global low-code development platform market is predicted to generate a revenue of $187.0 billion by 2030. There are millions of mobile developers there.

  • Intellectual property

    All intellectual property rights are regulated.

  • Legal

    Feel free to contact us to get more info.

  • Competitors

    All the major competitors are cross-platform or PWA. The most advanced ones are backed by YC/Google/VCs.

  • Roadmap

    Feel free to contact us to get more info.

  • Business model

    Feel free to contact us to get more info.

  • Revenue

    Feel free to contact us to get more info.

  • Technical Solution

    Feel free to contact us to get more info.

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